What an exciting and challenging year ahead for the Beaufort Woman’s Club. We’ve been locked down, cooped up, masked up, washed up, distanced, zoomed and more. From Covid-19 pandemic to a toilet paper panic, we’ve never seen crazier times!

We've learned to be crafty and creative. We found how important our family, friends and community life truly are, and how precious life and freedom are. And we’ve found purpose and strength just like those 12 women who met in 1921 with a vision to create the Beaufort Woman’s Club. Their mission? To make a difference in our community. 


Today we have the same mission and energy 100 years later. We are pleased that our membership has grown to more than 100 members. The number of our supporters is at an all-time high. Thank you.


We look forward to continuing in our traditions of making a difference in our community. We are excited about the opportunity to tell our story.  


Let’s make history together!  

Platinum Centennial Sponsors