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2021 - 2022 Grant Application


The grants, charities and scholarships committee works to know and understand

where the monies we raise as a club could best satisfy our club's goals as reflected in

our mission statement. Our committee focuses on understanding our communities

and the challenges they experience so that we can recommend ways Beaufort Woman's Club can support them. We research area nonprofits that match our goals and review applications for completeness. Our recommendations are forwarded to the executive board for next step approval and finally to the general membership for final approval.  

All organizations receiving monies from Beaufort Woman’s Club must submit a grant application to receive funding.


DECISIONS – Grants will be awarded on a case by case basis. Beaufort Woman’s Club reserves the right to deny applications.


DEADLINE – Organizations may submit requests for funding by submitting a grant application during the year to the Beaufort Woman’s Club by March 1. Organizations will be notified if their project is selected for funding on or before May 20th of the Club year. Grant funds will be released no later than June 1.


REPORTING – Beaufort Woman’s Club requires the organization receiving funding to submit a follow up report six months after grant funds have been obtained and applied to the approved project. This follow-up report should state the timeline for completing the project within the year. 


GRANTS are not awarded for:

● Incomplete applications

● Annual fund or capital campaigns

● Administrative or operating expenses

● Political purposes or lobbying

● Activities that are restricted to members of a faith community or to promote a specific religious doctrine

● Loans or reimbursements

● Individuals for personal needs

● Re-granting by the applicant organization

● Organizations based and operating outside of Carteret County



All applications should consist of the following:

I. Cover Letter

II. Proposal Narrative

III. Required Attachments


Completed applications can be submitted electronically to or mailed to P.O. Box 243 Beaufort, NC 28516


Failure to provide the information as requested may result in your application being excluded from consideration.


Any questions for the 2021-2022 club year, may be addressed to Karen Willis at

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