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BEAUFORT, N.C. (March 8, 2022) – The Beaufort Woman’s Club held its 8th annual High School Art Competition at the Beaufort Public Library on March 3, awarding ribbons and cash prizes to talented students from East Carteret, West Carteret, and Croatan High Schools.


More than 200 pieces of art were submitted for the competition. The woman’s club honored first-place winners with $50 and second-place winners with $25. The competition also awarded for Best of Show ($50) and the Mayor’s Award ($50), presented by Beaufort Mayor Sharon Harker. The People’s Choice Award ($25) will be awarded at the close of the competition on March 10.


“The talent illustrated in this year’s show far exceeds our expectations,” said Marilyn Shuping, chair of the Beaufort Woman’s Club art committee. “We applaud the students’ hard work, their parents’ support and the teachers and community that nourish their talents.”


First-place winners were Jamie Antinore (Croatan HS) for painting; Connor Fulcher (West Carteret HS) in digital art; Ghita Basurto-Covarrubias (East Carteret HS) in mixed media; Isabella Atkinson (West Carteret HS) in drawing and Bethany Arnold (East Carteret HS) in 3-D art; Sam Felipe (Croatan HS) in photography; Madeline Vickers (Croatan HS) in printmaking.


Second-place winners were Trammell Williams (Croatan HS) in painting; John Priddy (East Carteret HS) in mixed media; Kayden Lemons (West Carteret HS) in drawing and Josiah Daughterty (Croatan HS) in 3-D art; Jewel Williamson (West Carteret HS) in photography; Jennette Antinore, (Croatan HS) Digital Art; Maggie Murray (East Carteret) in printmaking.


Sam Felipe (Croatan HS) received the Best of Show award for her photograph entitled “Orion,” and Jamie Antinore (Croatan HS) received the Mayor’s Award for her “A Girl Hidden” painting.


Judges for the competition were Cindy Bunch, art instructor; Kathy Spruill, art instructor and Ray Tillery, artist. 


The Beaufort Woman’s Club is dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through fundraising and volunteer service. With more than 100 active members, the club celebrated its Centennial year in 1921. For more information visit us on Facebook and at

HS Art1_edited.jpg

Group photo of the winning artists who attended the awards reception on March 3.

HS Art2.jpeg
HS Art3.jpeg
HS Art4.jpeg

Beaufort Mayor Sharon Harker presents Jamie Antinore (Croatan HS) with the Mayor’s Award for her “A Girl Hidden” painting.

Isabella Atkinson (West Carteret HS) with her first place entry in the drawing category.​

Sam Felipe (Croatan HS) received the Best of Show award for her photograph entitled “Orion.”

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