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Event-filled March Ahead

Updated: Mar 6

CORRECTION: For those who are attending the Art Reception Thursday evening, you should arrive no later than 5:45, not 6:45!

March 1, 2024


Coordination: “the organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity to enable them to work together effectively.”  Your Executive Board has done an amazing job of coordinating efforts to pull events together for you, to participate in community events, and to coordinate with committees to find and receive donor funds.  As a President, I am very proud of my Executive Board for their achievements.  Please give them your thanks for their coordinated efforts on behalf of the Beaufort Woman’s Club.

I am asking for close to 100% participation to support our talented young artists on March 7th.  Please wear your “Beaufort Woman’s 100-year pins” and arrive no later than 5:45 PM. Refreshments will be provided by the students.

Our March 14th meeting will offer us a lot of information and should not be missed.  Sign up now to attend.  Don’t forget to bring your non-perishable donations.  Thank you for being so giving!

Thursday, March 28th Casino Night at the Beaufort Hotel is shaping up to be a night to remember.  Please share posts with other groups you may participate in.  Also, please like and share each other’s posts on social media for reach. The Beaufort Boys and Girls Club needs our support.  Let’s make it a night to remember by RSVP’ing now!

April will bring us Beaufort EMT’s; May will bring Tommy Bennett as our guest speaker, and the Election of Officers.  Consider stepping up to Leadership or to a Committee Chair.  We want to continue to grow in a positive direction.

We won’t stop the planning, so let us know your interests.  I am available to chat, or to answer your questions, or listen to your concerns. My number is (508)769-2294.   If you require transportation to or from a meeting, please reach out to one of your VPs for assistance.

I look forward to serving you.

Thankfully yours,

Nancy Dube

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