About Us

The Beaufort Woman’s Club is dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through fundraising and volunteer service.

We are women shaping our community.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Beaufort Woman's Club, Inc. is to make a positive difference in the community by supporting preservation, revitalization, education and the economically depressed. The Beaufort Woman's Club is open to all without discrimination, encouraging relationships, fellowship, growth, leadership and a commitment to community.

Celebrate 100 Years


Celebrate, Beaufort Woman’s Club!
We raise a toast to you
to celebrate the work you’ve done,
the projects you’ve seen through.

Celebrate 100 years
of differences you’ve made
as the projects that you started
have blossomed, grown, and stayed.


From the library you opened

in 1922
came a legacy of reading
as a county system grew.


The cafeteria you opened
at Beaufort Public School
served lunches to our children
as they learned the Golden Rule.


From Old Burying Grounds restoration
to starting the Old Homes Tour,
your work has yielded benefits
that flourish and endure.


From the scholarships you’ve funded
to donations you have shared,
you’ve touched the lives of many
as you’ve shown how much you cared.


Much history has been preserved,
good programs put in place
as your talents, time and treasure
have improved our coastal space.


As we celebrate 100 years
and build upon the past,
we contribute to a legacy
of goodness which will last.

Bunch, Susanne copy 2.jpg

~Susanne Wiggins Bunch~