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Stewardship in our Community

Stewardship is the way in which someone controls or organizes something. Our Program Committee set out to influence the lives of the Beaufort Boys & Girls Club. Their mission is to have fun and impact the lives of others. The Casino Night subcommittee of the Fundraising committe set to acquire donations for a fundraiser to support the Boys & Girls Club. Through diligent time management, grace, and with respect for others, the Ladies of the Beaufort Woman’s Club created a magical evening with our “first ever” Casino Night. The Volunteers spent countless hours calling on local businesses and local artists to obtain donations, both monetary and tangible items. With their organization and creativity, they created gift baskets, obtained gift certificates, artwork, jewelry, tv’s, grills and more.

As President of this organization, I am “proud beyond words” for the effort put forth by this committee. Through teamwork, motivation, volunteerism, and giving, we are making an impact on the Carteret Community. Thank you all for your tireless efforts and the abundance of your accomplishments! I am certain the Beaufort Boys & Girls Club will appreciate all you have done.

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