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May Website Scavenger Hunt

Bev Boyles lead our club members through a short website scavenger hunt at last nights' meeting. The idea for a Scavenger Hunt was proposed by Barbara Chappetta at a meeting of the Communications Committee. Bev ran with the idea, drafting questions and a brief program, along with candy prizes for our efforts. Everyone seemed to participate and learn about how to navigate our website - Carol Remy

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Thank you everyone for your attention, engagement, and participation! Y'all did a great job in navigating the website and finding those answers so quickly...and I truly enjoyed your "funny face" notifications! :)

Thank you Carol for all your hard work in getting that website up to date with so many wonderful additions, and keeping it current. Your big brain and patience with IT challenges always amaze me!

Thank you Carol and Nancy for all the pre-work you did in getting the equipment set up so that we could enjoy Carol's navigation during the Website Scavenger Hunt!

Thank you Barbara for the FUN idea! :)

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